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Teaching football the right way!

About Us

We strive to teach football the right way!  The fun way too!!  We are now trying to create a new cheer program to go along with our great football program.  Again, we will teach proper techniques to play football the right way!  Also show that football can teach our kids how to be better students, brothers, sisters, friends....citizens.

Football & Helmet on Field

Our Team

We have a dedicated group of people working very hard to keep this program affordable for all youth in our area.  We are affiliated with Pop Warner as well as USA Football.  Our coaches are certified every year in the Heads Up program which is dedicated to teach youth how to properly play the game of football.

Our Story

We are still a really young organization.  This will be our 5th season.  We will be a member of the nationally affiliated Pop Warner organizatoin once again.  The competition is right.  The rules each team follows fits our program's mission, teach football the right way and have fun doing it!

This will be our first year putting a cheer team together.  This will create a whole new area we can get great leaders to teach young children life lessons while learning a sport they love.